Volunteers Appreciated: CaptureThief.com

is a volunteer run web site. Having experienced crime in one fashion or another, we understand that we need to stand together against the tide of law and lawlessness that protects criminals at the expense of good people--and enriches lawyers on both sides.

If you are aware of anyone fighting a seemingly uphill battle to get relief from some injustice, have them contact us at Impact.Investigators@gmail.com to see what we can do to help.

If you're an active or retired law enforcement officer, a private citizen, private investigator, para-legal, lawyer, elected official, reporter, photojournalist, housewife, mother, father, son or daughter who is interested in providing volunteer work to help these victims, please contact us. We are extending our support nationally and would like your support locally.

You'll find that this can be exciting and exhilerating fun--capturing thieves!