$25,000 REWARD

for information or the return of

these stolen items.



View the stolen items.



The Federal Civil Lawsuit is settled but this theft was of such an historic loss that CaptureThief.com is continuing to search for the still missing stolen items.


The $25,000 reward is offered for the return of the following stolen items OR for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the person or persons responsible for the theft. The FBI has already recovered nearly 170 items that were stolen from the collection. We are seeking the return of 200 items that have not yet been recovered.


The stolen items could be anywhere in the U.S. or Canada because of personal ties the thief has with other collectors, a lighting researcher and a lighting restorer . Associates of the thief have the means to change finishes, add, change or remove glassware, exchange fonts and burners. If you see anything that resembles these items, please contact us immediately at Impact.Investigators@gmail.com .


The owner of the house where the FBI recovered 170 of the stolen items was a small time collector of flea market and garage sale antiques. His selection of specific items, individual parts and difficult to locate antiques suggests he had an accomplice(s) with superior knowledge of antique lighting. These thieves are among you. They are in your lighting clubs and victorian era organizations. Based on threats and embezzelment attempts on the victim, the testimony of the witnesses we located and hard evidence uncovered and presented in the civil proceedings, it is our strong opinion that the thief had assistance. These thieves may have already stolen from your collection or your booth or your store. For your own security you need to expose them and show that you will not tolerate thievery in whatever form it takes--and be rewarded with $25,000 for your integrity.


Please review the thumbnail photos on the following pages. If any item looks familiar click on it to see an enlarged detailed image. If you've been offered any of these items or if you've seen any of these objects at an auction, a flea market, antiques store, someone's house, presented for appraisal or anywhere else, please email Impact.Investigators@gmail.com with details and contact numbers.


We have no intention of penalizing any unknowing purchaser of these stolen articles.


All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

We will disclose NOTHING about your contact with us.


This was an enormous theft of great historic loss.

Put all the thieves hiding among you where they belong.


View the stolen items.

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